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Company/Securities Name: Shun Ho Holdings Ltd.
Principal Activities: Investment and operation of hotels, property investment, property development, securities investment and trading, and treasury investment.

Cheng Kai Man William

Principal Office: 3/F Shun Ho Tower
24-30 Ice House Street
Hong Kong
Place Incorporated: Hong Kong
Listing Category: Primary Listing
Industry Classification: Consumer Services - Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants & Leisure Facilities - Hotels & Resorts (HSIC*)
Registrar: Tricor Tengis Ltd.
Listing Date : N/A
Trading Currency: HKD
Authorised Shares: N/A
Issued Shares: 304,368,750
(as at 30/9/2017)
Par Value: N/A
Board Lot: 2000
Market Capitalisation: HKD 846,145,125
Financial Data
Financial Year End Date: 31/12/2016
Net Asset Value: HKD 3,092,224,000
Net Profit (Loss): HKD 193,945,000
Earnings per Share: HKD 0.8022
Last Updated: 17/10/2017

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Date Announced Ex-date Details Financial
year end
B/C date Payment date
17/08/2015   No Int Div 31/12/2015  
12/03/2015   No Fin Div 31/12/2014  
14/08/2014   No Int Div 31/12/2014  
19/02/2014   No Fin Div 31/12/2013  
30/08/2013   No Int Div 31/12/2013    
19/02/2013   No Fin Div 31/12/2012  
28/08/2012   No Int Div 31/12/2012    
28/03/2012 No Fin Div 31/12/2011